Founded by Luigi Maggi in 1963, OMCG "Officine Meccaniche Costruzioni Generali" (Mechanical Manufactury General Construction) has grown to become a world leader machine manufacturer for the wire forming industry with machines installed in more than 35 countries.

With the HQ based in Italy and a subsidiary in United States we can serve our customers with the best quality products and services to provide total customer satisfaction.

OMCG has been always recognized for its technological and innovation leadership and today is one of the few companies worldwide to be able to provide a full range of solutions for wire, strip and tube bending and forming requirements including multislide mechanical machines, CNC forming machines, end forming units and customized machines for special products.

In the aim to provide full solutions to our customers, OMCG developed, with the highest expertise and knowledge developed in more than 50 years with hundreds of applications worldwide, a whole set of additional accessories and units for chamfering, coining, die stamping, blanking, etc.

OMCG today’s mission is still the same: continuous development and innovation to anticipate the future needs of the wire forming industry: GIVING FORMS TO YOUR IDEAS.

“Since 1963, our philosophy to specialize in wire and strip forming has never changed. Through the development of new concepts, implementation of new ideas and innovation in equipment, from mechanical to the latest in computer control, we have evolved from a local manufacturer into a world leader with divisions in Europe and North America.”

Luigi Maggi - Founder

CNC & Multislide precision machinery for wire, tube and strip formed parts.

OMCG S.r.l. - Via Moronata, 46 - Olginate (LC) - ITALY
OMCG NORTH AMERICA - 857 Industrial Drive Bensenville (IL) - USA