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XST - Strip Parts Workcell


XST - Strip Parts Workcell

This 2D version of the proven and successful OMCG 3D servo-winder system has been specifically developed for strip processing.

Easy to set-up and program, it provides flexibility, accuracy and repeatability with different materials (brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.) and  for a wide range of applications.

This machine is available in two models: XST325, with strip size up to 3x25 mm (0,12x0,98") and XST450, with strip size up to 4x50 mm (0,16x1,97"). It can be equipped with additional presses in front for coining, punching, swaging, etc.

A number of other accessories and options to suit specific requirements are also available. 


XST325 XST450 
Strip size up to 3x25 mm (0,12x0,98 in)  4x50 mm (0,16x1,97 in)

Number of axis

3  5

Bending head




20 t

30 t 

CNC & Multislide precision machinery for wire, tube and strip formed parts.

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