OMCG offers an on-line remote diagnostic working through high-speed internet connection. Each machine is equipped with a PC offering this functionality. The PC can be set up with an ethernet for the wired connection to your network or with a wireless card for the connection to your wireless internet system.
If any problems arises, simply activate the connection and notify our staff of the situation. Using a standard commercial software, our technicians can enter the PC of your machine and, through the high-speed connection, be able to identify the problem in real time and find solutions, avoiding delays due to sending a technician to your facility.



When on-site service is necessary, our team of qualified technicians is ready for fast and efficient interventions. It is also possible to plan the preventive scheduled maintenance of your machines to check its correct operation and maintenance status. Our technicians will prepare a full report in order to highlight the current status of the machine and to suggest recommendations regarding improvements or repairs. This ensures longevity and optimal long-term performance of the machine.

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