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OMCG develops a constant commitment, not only in providing solutions and top quality machinery to be impressive from the first supply, but also in offering a good after-sales service to achieve its most important goal: the trust of our customers, indispensable for the success of future orders.

Our service team consists of a group of people, each with its specific expertise: those in mechanical design, those in the assembly and start-up, those in electrical engineering and those in programming. Collectively, this small group has over 100 years of industrial experience in the sector of wire, strip and tube forming machines, and in addition to a fast and accurate analysis of the problem, it is able to provide with the most suitable solutions to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

We are sure to provide you with our excellent support, both with telephone service and with our fast and efficient spare parts supply; both with the on-call service at your facilities and with scheduled maintenance contracts; both with in-house and on-site training. These are just some of the services we have at your disposal.

Subscribe to OMCG Annual Service Package which includes one year of:

  • unlimited phone calls and chats with qualified professionals ready to find the best solutions for your problems or service requests
  • remote connection to OMCG machines for troubleshooting (internet connection required)
  • a scheduled preventive maintenance day to be done on-site by our technician to check the machine status, if necessary in cooperation with your maintenance personnel
  • priority for on-site technical assistance requests
  • Availability of critical spare parts like numerical controls, drives and motors

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The Chat is an exclusive service dedicated to our OMCG Annual Service Package subscribers. It is available from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (italian time). Our technicians are at your disposal to answer to your questions and to provide you with their suggestions to keep your machines in perfect working order. The spare parts can usually be delivered by next day, if we receive the order within 12:00 a.m., by 2 days if we receive the order in the afernoon.


OMCG offers an on-line remote diagnostics service works through an high-speed internet connection. Every machine equipped with a PC offers this capability. The PC can be set with an Ethernet switch for a wired connection to your network or with a wireless card for the connection to your wireless internet system.

If any problem arises, simply you activate the connection and advise our staff of the situation. Using a standard commercial software, our technicians can enter the PC of your machine and, through the high-speed connection, be able to indentify the problem and find solutions avoiding the delays related to sending a technician at your facility. This possibility allows us to make the following tasks in a fast and economical way:

  • PC setup problems
  • Parameter settings for your production environment
  • Software and hardware troubleshooting
  • Limit switch / safety switch status inspection
  • Monitoring of the machine in operation
  • Connection problems between devices
  • Programming problems of parts 

This kind of support is available during normal business hours, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (italian time). The online diagnostics scheduling out of these hours is possible upon agreement, as the case may be. Contact our Service Team for more information.


The most traditional way in which many of our customers can benefit of the experience of the OMCG Service Team is the on-site service. OMCG can offer on-site maintenance, machinery tests and annual service contracts to ensure that the machine always remain in its top working condition.

Our on-site service will help ensure the proverbial longevity of OMCG machines, as well as to continue to maintain optimum performance in the long period.

When the on-site service is required, our team of qualified technicians is ready for fast and efficient interventions.

It is also possible to plan the preventive scheduled maintenance of your machines according to the needs of your production. In this way you can check the correct operation and maintenance of your machines. Our technicians will draft a full report in order to highlight the current status and to make recommendations about improvements or repairs.

OMCG Annual Service Package is the best way to monitor the performance of your machines and their maintenance. The package includes an annual visit of our technician at your location to caryy out the preventive maintenance, to check the machine and the wear status of the parts, with resulting technical report and the list of the spare parts to replace and the list of necessary works to be done by your maintenance personnel.

CNC & Multislide precision machinery for wire, tube and strip formed parts.

OMCG S.r.l. - Via Moronata, 46 - 23854 Olginate (LC) - ITALY
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OMCG Inc. - 857 Industrial Drive - Bensenville (IL) - 60106 USA
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CNC & Multislide precision machinery for wire, tube and strip formed parts.

OMCG S.r.l. - Via Moronata, 46 - 23854 Olginate (LC) - ITALY
Tel. +39 0341 60 42 44 - F. +39 0341 60 42 47 - E-mail:
OMCG Inc. - 857 Industrial Drive - Bensenville (IL) - 60106 USA
T. +1 630 860 1016 - F. +1 630 860 2333 - E-mail: